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As a family lawyer, you play a crucial role in helping your clients navigate tough times. However, financial constraints get in the way of you taking on the clients you want, doing the work and achieving the best outcome.

Turning away clients, offering pay-at-the-end arrangements and putting clients on payment plans lead to write-downs, write-offs and the cost and burden of chasing unpaid invoices. This reduces working capital, impacts on the client-lawyer relationship and hinders the firm’s growth.

Imagine a world where you could focus more on your clients and without worrying about when you’ll get paid.

With JustFund you can get paid on time, improve cash flow and expand your client base by offering more flexible payment options.

Trusted by over 1,000 Australian family lawyers, a JustFund line of credit provides clients with the certainty and confidence they need to focus on their matter, and gives you the peace of mind to do your best work.

Why partner with JustFund?

How It Works


You apply for funding on behalf of your client. It typically takes 20 minutes and has no impact on their credit score.


We assess the application and get in touch to gather all the info. It usually takes 1 week to receive an outcome.


If approved, a line of credit is set up for your client. You send invoices to the client and we pay for it on their behalf.


The client is not required to pay any fees until their matter is finalised, and they only pay for what they use.

“JustFund has been game-changing for my business. I’ve integrated it into my client onboarding process so all clients now have the option for finance.”

What makes us different to other lenders?​

We put clients first

We appreciate the stress and uncertainty your clients are experiencing, and we always seek to deal with them in an empathetic, respectful and responsive manner.


We are responsive and make fast funding decisions. We aim to advise clients of our lending decisions within one week of receiving all the information we need from the client and their lawyer.

No lengthy case summaries

As lawyers ourselves, we understand how valuable a solicitor's time is. We don’t require you to complete lengthy applications or provide advice on prospects.


We can assist your clients at any stage of a property matter and we don’t require them to be registered on title to be approved.

No additional cost

Our accredited law firm partners do not incur any additional cost to utilise our service. Unlike some other providers, you don’t guarantee or underwrite the funding in any way.

Improved operations and service

When legal bills are paid on time, firms spend less time negotiating payment plans and chasing clients for payment, and more time pursuing the best outcomes possible for their clients.

Unlock your potential by getting accredited today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently only able to establish a line of credit for family law separations that involve a division of property. This can include parenting matters if it is connected to or being run alongside a division of property. Unfortunately, we are unable to support exclusively parenting matters at this time.

You can apply at any stage in the separation process, including at the same time as you engage your family lawyer. You can also apply if you have unpaid legal bills and would like to access funds to support their payment.

We independently assess the circumstances of your separation and your legal entitlement under the Family Law Act. Based on this assessment, we then consider whether the amount of funding required to resolve your matter is consistent with our eligibility criteria. 90% of applications are assessed within 48 hours of receiving all the information we need from you and your solicitor.

You can apply directly, or your lawyer can apply on your behalf. Our online application can be found at

We perform a “soft” credit check, which does not impact your credit score. The soft check will be noted on your credit report, recording that we have simply requested a soft credit check on you.