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What impacts eligibility?

Does the matter involve a property division?

A funding request must be tied to a family law matter involving a division of property. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with exclusively parenting matters but we can assist if your parenting and property matter are being run alongside one another.

Does the property pool include assets that we take into account?

We are only able to approve funding if there is sufficient net equity in the asset pool. The assets we are able to take into account are real estate, any funds held in a solicitor or conveyancer’s trust account pending agreement between you and your former partner, and businesses that have been independently valued.

Have you engaged a solicitor?

You must engage a solicitor to support you through your matter to be approved for funding. If you don’t have a solicitor yet, we can introduce you to some of our recommended partner law firms near you.

Other factors.

In assessing each application on its merits and on a case-by-case basis, we take other factors into account including, but not limited to, the amount of funding required relative to the amount you are likely to receive from your settlement, how you will repay JustFund and any limitation issues.

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