Navigating separation is hard.

We provide a flexible way to pay family law fees.

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Level the playing field and get a fair outcome by partnering with Australia's only dedicated family law finance provider.

Are you going through a divorce or de facto separation and concerned about the legal costs?


Facing a separation without the right representation can lead to an unfair settlement, increased stress, and a prolonged, painful process.


What if instead of being overwhelmed by legal fees, you could get the help you need, level the playing field and achieve a fair outcome? 

JustFund provides a flexible line of credit to pay legal bills and disbursements associated with your divorce or separation.

You’re in safe hands. Get the expert advice you need and focus on achieving the result you deserve, without the added stress.

As family law funding specialists, we support and genuinely care about the journey our clients are on.

Australia’s leading family lawyers partner with JustFund.

How It Works

Find your way to a better tomorrow in four easy steps.

Step 1

Apply online, or call us to see how we might help. We will request information from your lawyers to speed things up.

Step 2

We determine eligibility for a line of credit, typically within one week, after receiving all the information we need.​

Step 3

If approved, we advance what you need to pay your legal bills and disbursements until you settle your property matter.​

Step 4

Repay only when it’s all over and only from what you receive from your property settlement.​

What makes us different to other lenders?

Based on circumstances, not income or employment.

Unlike traditional lenders, we focus on your unique circumstances, not just metrics like income, employment history and credit score.

You’ll speak to a family law expert with experience.

At JustFund you won’t be speaking to a funding assistant, you’ll speak to a family law specialist with first hand experience.

Receive fast, personalised & empathetic support.

We get back to you right away (often within hours) and provide a smooth and comforting experience, no matter what stage you’re at.

Let us help you secure a better tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpfully, you will not pay any fees or interest out-of-pocket until you receive your settlement. Any applicable fees and charges are added to your account and repaid as a lump sum upon settlement of your separation. Once approved your line of credit is subject to the following:

Assessment & Administration Fee – this covers our costs of conducting a full merits assessment based on your unique circumstances and establishing a line of credit. The Assessment and Administration Fee starts from $590 for credit lines up to $15,000.   

Monthly Fee – this covers our costs of monitoring your case, liaising with your lawyer and processing invoice payments on your behalf. The monthly fee is $49.

Interest – variable rate based on the total funds drawn calculated from the date of the funding agreement. The current rate is 9.85% per annum. 

A caveat fee may also apply depending on your circumstances.  We provide  a detailed breakdown of fees and charges to all applicants. 

We understand the unique challenges and needs of someone experiencing separation. We look beyond what a traditional lender or bank sees. We are not fixated on things like your credit score or current income when assessing your eligibility for a loan. Instead, we assess the individual behind each application holistically and on a case-by-case basis.

Many of our clients are, or have been, the primary caregiver or the non-primary income earner in their family. We believe these people deserve financial support just as much as primary income earners. Our expertise allows us to focus on the merits of an individual’s legal case rather than their employment history or credit score.

The line of credit can be used to pay invoices submitted by a law firm, covering solicitor’s time as well as disbursements such as expert, counsel and court fees. Funds are not paid to a client but are paid directly to a law firm. We only pay invoices that are expressly approved by the borrower.
Repayment occurs when your property settlement is finalised, and only from the proceeds you receive. You can repay early and there is no early repayment fee.
We’re different from most lenders in the separation space because taking security isn’t always a requirement. Instead, we assess security requirements on a case-by-case basis. That means our funding can still be provided if you’re not on property title. In certain instances, it may be necessary to place a caveat on property where you are registered on the title and additional fees (payable only when you settle your matter) may apply in circumstances where we take security.

You can apply at any stage in the separation process, including at the same time as you engage your family lawyer. You can also apply if you have unpaid legal bills and would like to access funds to support their payment.

We independently assess the circumstances of your separation and your legal entitlement under the Family Law Act. Based on this assessment, we then consider whether the amount of funding required to resolve your matter is consistent with our eligibility criteria. 90% of applications are assessed within 48 hours of receiving all the information we need from you and your solicitor.

You can apply directly, or your lawyer can apply on your behalf. Our online application can be found at

We perform a “soft” credit check, which does not impact your credit score. The soft check will be noted on your credit report, recording that we have simply requested a soft credit check on you.

You are welcome to apply to understand if you might be eligible for funding. However, we can only establish a line of credit once you have selected a lawyer to act for you on your family law matter. If you don’t have a lawyer, we can always help you find one from our large, national network of family law firm partners.


That’s absolutely fine. We are happy to liaise with law firms to best assist you in establishing a line of credit.

They should visit our ‘For Lawyers’ page found at

We pay invoices that are submitted by the law firm and approved by the client.